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Volvo 445 0

Volvo 445

This pretty station wagon was succeeded by the Volvo 545. It had a single curved windscreen and it was even more beautiful… Volvo PV544C   Captain Joe’s favourite car (1958–1966) The predecessor PV444  was...

Lagonda 1947 2½ litre Mk1 0

Lagonda 1947 Mk1

Lagonda 1947 2½ litre Mk1 cars were back in production form September 1946 as a Saloon, and Drophead Coupe. During 1947 the company was taken over by David Brown. At the time it was...

Lanchester 1947 0

Lanchester 1947

Lanchester offered only one model, the Ten, a four-door six light saloon with sliding roof panel and pre-selector gearbox with fluid flywheel. The engine was a 1287cc overhead valve four with Zenith carburettor.  (copied...

Healey 0

1947 Healey 2.4 litre

Most British cars in 1947 were carried over from 1946 which in turn, were similar if not identical to pre-war models. Any that were new were from companies that made cars in small numbers....

Daimler 1947 0

Daimler 1947

  Daimler 1947. The Straight Eight DE36 chassis with eight-passenger Landaulette coachwork by Hooper was offered and a smaller six cylinder version was also available. The Daimlers were all fitted with bodywork by companies...