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Lea Francis 0

Lea Francis

Lea Francis offered Twelve and Fourteen Saloons on 9ft 3 inch wheelbase chassis with leaf spring rigid axles. The side windows were enlarged and the upper waistline eliminated. The Fourteen was also available as...

Talbot 0

Sunbeam-Talbot 1947

Sunbeam-Talbot 1947 As part of the Rootes group they offered two ranges, the Ten and 2 litre both with four door saloon, Drophead coupe and tourer bodies. Using the Rootes 118cc engine used on...

backwards_car 0


Certainly the worst car of all time. Made in East Germany and extremely collectible in West Germany. If I am not mistaken, the use of it was forbidden on the Autobahns of West Germany,...

volvo 18 0

Volvo P1800S #18

Is it a coincidence or what ? 18 is the magic number here. The model is P1800S, the FILPA number plate 1800, and it’s number ithis rally, 18 !!! …It’s a pitty it does...

ford mustang 20 0

Ford Mustang #20

This one has always been one of my favourite cars, since the mid 60s. I cant see the number plate clearly, but I’ got the feeling it came from Turkey.