1932 Ultra ‘Blue Fox’ … A real beauty !!!

ultra blue fox 640

 Ultra ‘Blue Fox’


Year of manufacture: 1932
Manufacturer: Ultra Electric Ltd
Country of origin: Great Britain (UK)
RF/IF Circuit: TRF
Wavebands: MW, LW
Cabinet: Wooden
Loudspeaker: Dynamic
Valves: 3: AC2HL MPT4 or AC/Pen UU2
Power Supply: AC
Power Out:  

With a name like this, one would expect it to be a radio made for Red Indians, by native Americans!

But No ; It is British!

Ultra ‘Blue Fox’, by Ultra Electric Ltd. 1932. 2-v +R, AC TRF Table Model, MW, 0-100 deg, walnut veneered plywood cabinet. Price 10,5 GBP.