1934 Rover 14

Production years : 1933-1939

9598 produced.

The smaller the number of the cars produced, the higher the value ! Especially when it is of the medium or low end, because those end up at the scrap-yard, whilst the high end or the expensive ones, are usually kept for ever.

 It is a racing model with a 1700 c.c., 6 cylinder engine, that’s fed with 3 S.U. carburettors ! The suspension is adjustable, using the vacuum of the engine, and it is equiped with a central lubricating system, like the Rolls Royce 20/25. I think this is the only car in the museum with 3 carbs.

Once every 100-500 miles, you depress a pedal with your left foot and an external oil pump sends oil to all the moving parts of the body, that wouldn’t get lubricated in other cars.

rover 14 front rover 14

1. Oil distributor.

2. Oil tank for central lubricating system.

3. Engine oil cap.

4. Mechanical petrol pump. This type of pump can also be operated manually. The second advantage is, that it is extremely reliable.


Here are the 3 S.U. carburators. Terribly unusual, but possible on a 6 and 12 cylinder engine ! The 12 cylinder Jaguar E’ type, for instance, has 4 carbs.