1936 Philips 795A

philips 795a640

Year of manufacture: 1936
Manufacturer: Philips
Country of origin: Netherlands
RF/IF Circuit: Super-Heterodyne 128 kHz
Wavebands: SW, MW, LW
Cabinet: Wooden
Loudspeaker: Dynamic
Valves: 6: FC4 VP4B TDD4 PenA4 
  TV4 1821
Power Supply: 245 V
Power Out:
Price: 18.00 GBP

Philips (British) Model 795A, by Philips Lamps Ltd. 1936. 4-v + R plus Magic-Eye Tuning Indicator, AC SHet Table Model, SW/MW/LW Mtrs/StN, mono-knob tuning control (joystick), black Bakelite escutcheon, chromium-plated trim, walnut cabinet. Hinged tuning scale lifts forward when in use. The coaxial mono knob control gives volume, tone, coarse and fine tuning ! Its price when new, was 18 GBP.Top quality radio for that decade and pretty expensive, too, considering the salaries people used to get before the WW2.