1968 Jaguar ‘S’ type

Jaguar S type 

This one was made in 1968, automatic with wooden interior.

jaguar s type f

Year of manufacture: 1968
Production Years: 1963–1968
Produced: 35000
Country of origin: England
Manufacturer: Jaguar Cars
Engine capacity: 3442
Power Output: 210 bhp = 157 kW
Top Speed: 118 mph = 190 km/h
Price then:

The Jaguar S-Type was produced from 1963-68 as a technically more sophisticated development of the Jaguar Mark 2. It sold alongside the Mark 2, as well as the Jaguar 420 following its release in 1966. The 1960s S-Type should not be confused with the retro-styled Jaguar S-Type sold from 1999.

jaguar s type

The front is not as nice as the MK2.

jaguar s type b

The back is not bad either. It reminds a little bit of the xj6.