Peugeot 403

The Peugeot 403 is a car produced by French automobile manufacturer Peugeot from 1955 to 1966.

peugeot 403

Date of manufacture: 1960 ?
Production Years: 1955 – 1966
Produced: 1,014,111 total
Country of origin: France
Manufacturer: Peugeot
Engine capacity: 1290 cc, 1468 cc, 1816 cc 
Power Output: 65 hp = 48 kW
Top Speed:  
Price then:  

Styled by Pininfarina, the 403 featured an enlarged version of the Peugeot 203‘s 1290 cc petrol engine. Displacing 1468 cc, the Straight-4 unit employed pushrod-actuated valves and a hemispherical or cross-flow combustion chambers to produce 65 hp (48 kW) at about 5000 rpm and 75 lb·ft (102 N·m) of torque at 2500 rpm.

A diesel powered Peugeot 403 estate was introduced in the Autumn of 1958, the first of a long line, followed by a diesel saloon a year later. Upon the 203’s discontinuation in 1960, it’s 1.3 litre powerplant became available as an option on the 403.

The six-seat 403 had a solid rear axle fitted to an aluminum differential case. It came with a manual column shift and fully reclinable front seats. Sunroof and steel belted radial tires were standard. Reliability was considered excellent for the time.

Superseded by the Peugeot 404 in 1960, the 403 remained in production as a budget alternative until 1966.

Lieutenant Columbo drove a 1959 convertible model 403 in the popular tv show.

Captain Joe’s comment :

Here is another good car of the 50s.

Discovered by the honorary president of the museum, Andreas Gavrilis, in his old neibourhood! Well made and almost indestructible.

One unrestored 403 is available for sale. Mechanically it is good, as far as I can remember. Price 300 Euros