R 206 Receiver. The most robust radio ever made! 1943 (76 kg!)

r206 receiver

The R206 Mk1
British manufacture for the Army dates from around the end of WWII.

It was a high performance super-heterodyne high grade intercept HF communications receiver, capable of high resetting accuracy.

Modes :- AM R/T and CW.

Frequency coverage : – 0.55 Mc/s to 30 Mc/s in 6 Bands.
Band 1 : – 30 to 20 Mc/s.
Band 2 : – 20 to 10 Mc/s.
Band 3 : – 10 Mc/s to 4.8 Mc/s.
Band 4 : – 4.8 to 2.2 Mc/s.
Band 5 : – 2.2 to 1.1 Mc/s.
Band 6 : – 1.1 to 0.55 Mc/s

206 p.s. 640

The left box is the power supply of the set. It, also, incorporates the speaker.

I accepts apart from mains, 12 Volt D.C. What you see above the front handle, is a fuse.

All around the metal box of the receiver there is rubber gasket to seal …hermetically the works !

In my 50 years involvment with radio, I have never seen anything like that !!!

Adaptor Frequency Range No. 1
Extends frequency coverage from 600 kc/s – 50 kc/s in three additional ranges.

600 kc/s to 260 kc/s
260 kc/s to 115 kc/s
115 kc/s to 50 kc/s.

The Adaptor was designed to take its HT and heater supplies from a socket outlet at the back of the receiver.

The IF is 465 kc/s.

Powered from AC mains / or 12V DC.

The PSU and the LF Adaptor were separate from the main receiver and contained a small loudspeaker.

The PSU requires 110-240 volts a.c. or 12 volts d.c.

Front panel controls : –
Main Tuning with fast & slow positions.
Range Control.
Vernier Tuning Control.
AE Trimmer.
RF Gain and Bandwidth switching of 0.7kc/s, 2.5kc/s and 8kc/s.
AVC on-off.
AF Gain
AF Filter.
Limiter in-out.
Power on-off.

The set uses 10 valves.

206 inside

On the extreme left side of the photo you can see the chain that turns the tuner of each

one band to operating position. The motion is given from a small crank at the front of the


I am sure you have never seen a radio so well made, that requires two

strong persons to lift!

Of very impressive appearance, being both large and heavy.

The turret tuning system for is massive.

The Power supply and Adaptor both weigh around 50 lbs = 22 kgr, each.

The main receiver weighs 120 lbs = 54 kgr!

The receiver alone is 25″ wide x 12.5″ high x 14.75″ deep.

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